Tuesday, December 8, 2015

K N O C K     K N O C K

What do you get when you put two hot-heads together like Donald Trump and "Morning Joe?"
We just witnessed the result.
More to come.

Trump is not only opening the land of bigotry in America (usually hidden with the status quo)
He is breaking through the PC crowd as well.
Media loves him in the media that wants to make only money (now the majority, including CNN)
But now the New York Times has lost control and can’t believe what they are seeing.

Trump is our worst nightmare.
But it’s a nightmare that has to play out.
Obama was another (for many).
It ain’t easy being a young country.

Put us up against the ages of China, Russia, Africa.
We are pipsqueaks.
There is another way to grow, except we like quick results.

Of course we are as old as the ancients if we ever allow Native Americans as our heritage.
It’s funny that we don’t.
It isn’t funny that we don’t.

We’re in a pickle.
To get out
You eat it.


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