Sunday, December 20, 2015



Oak, pine, juniper and ash grew here in these

valleys 60,000 years ago where in summer the

ground was covered with wild flowers among the

grasses. . .

the grains in the cave. . . minute dots

drifting in on what we now call "June" breezes. . .

a little pale blue butterfly . . .

or one of the bodies of . . . the hides and skins of . . .


. . . tiny hollows in a bone decoration . . . or . . .

by water in a deep recess    here    (& here)

a little ripple I think



M A U R I C E     S C U L L Y

from H U M M I N G 
Shearsman Books 2009 


Anonymous said...

real pretty poem, thanks be for this Scully and for you and your birdhouse, Bob, love, Donna

Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...

Thanks, Donna, and all and more that you bring to us.

The world turns.

all's well, Bob