Sunday, February 21, 2016


My favorite stories of America are the hardscrabble stories. That's the opposite of the losers — the hardscrabblers — those would be the likes of Bernie Sanders and certainly not Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Hardscrabblers would also include Barack Obama and Paul Wellstone, who was most likely killed. For the past eight years the geniuses of the Republican Congress have tried to kill Barack Obama. They've done pretty well for themselves, but so has Barack Obama, and by the way, Michelle Obama. Just watch what history will do for them once the prejudices all around us move along. Hillary Clinton has already learned a great deal from Bernie Sanders, whereas Bernie Sanders hasn't learned anything he doesn't already know about Hillary Clinton. If she were smart, as she charges ahead with her corporate backers to the Democratic nomination for the Presidency, she would enlist Bernie Sanders and his hardscrabble and hard won winnings (decades of it) into her forthcoming story. The Republican elite are a mess having to watch Donald Trump at work, but there is a strong legion of the usual non-voters who plan to rocket Trump into a higher registry. They call themselves independent, often they are, and good for them in that hardscrabble school. . .but a good many are also racist, bigoted and troubled. They may find themselves voting for Trump with other independents who followed Sanders and want nothing to do with Clinton; and at the same time leagues of soft Republicans who can't stand Donald Trump may be siding with Hillary Clinton. The cross winds of politics as both Republican and Democrat will disappear into a new voting of the new Civil War. However, don't be fooled, neither Trump or Clinton are American success stories. They are corporate big dogs who toe the line for big business interests, war politics, and the mainstream. There will be no hardscrabble classic film ever made of these two. Sanders yes; Obama for sure. Whether Harper Lee's To Kill A Mockingbird, or Jean Renoir's classic film The Southerner, we adapt and weep and curl up with the dear American hardscrabble story. Songs of Woody Guthrie, Hank Williams, Jimmy Rodgers, Blind Willie McTell, Odetta. In a book, on the screen, or music. A pity you can't recognize it when it's right in front of you.

20 February 2016


Eero Ruuttila said...

good one Bob.
post-Nevada I'll take the odds that dear Bernie got as close as he will get. at least he's got the kids excited. personally I'm taking the longer view vis a vis the weather, the wind, & parking meters.

"The Old Man Does As He Pleases" (Poems & Prose by Lu Yu translated by Burton Watson)
& tossing the yarrow sticks this is what follows:

River clouds endlessly rolling, rain dense & dark;
old, I came home to Shan-yin to learn how to water a garden.

Report comes from nearby districts, lots of robbers these
I tell the boys to pack in thorns, patch the holes in the fence.

[1. Pictures of the demon-queller Chung K'uei were pasted on the gate for protection. It was the custom to remove the old pictures and replace them with new ones at the New Year, but a note by the poet explains that this year he was too poor to make the change.]

over & out.

Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...


Take the Chinese always, but add in Garson Kanin's BORN YESTERDAY for viewing as filmed by George Cukor. They had it down pat over 65 years ago. The Donald Trump and Tony Soprano story, now here despite what parking meters and weather. It's best to listen to the earth you're on.

You do.

stay warm, Bob