Tuesday, June 14, 2016



Luster said...

The summer of 1964, four of us gathered in a garage with cardboard boxes and tennis rackets to mime Beatle songs, scan the radio and leaf through Teen Scene, Famous Monsters of Film Land, and Mad. I was George Harrison that summer, the guy in the middle.

Stay close,

Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...


George. The guy with the smile.
Not the cute one (that was Paul).
The guy with patience, and oh so many songs!
In 1964 I took over my father's Slingerland drum kit.
I wanted Ludwig. Ringo played on Ludwig.
Gene Krupa may have as well.
The bass drum had no skin on the front.
The tom-tom had no skin on the bottom.
One day we went to Boston and I found Jack's Drum Shop
and from Jack's I bought with my parents help a real snare drum. Sizzle!
I learned to play drums with Ringo and then with the intro to the Stones
"Get Off Of My Cloud" I really discovered Charlie Watts.
Of course both guys still walk the earth.
Earth is drum.

all's well, Bob