Friday, August 5, 2016

BOB! FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY ~ Posted by Sweetheart, with love

Bob, at work in the spring of 2016 — framing up a window opening
photo by Susan in 2016

When we drive especially on the opening highway, this is often a go-to piece. There's usually a lot of back and forth fun between Bob & myself, because I like another U2 song. For Bob today here's his absolute favorite —

Image from Bob's workroom — if you want to know Bob, this is a tapestry of his loves &  likes all woven into his working space. Mural to the left is painted by Bob. Lucky me! (Sweetheart) — when I work with Bob and need to fetch a tool, my eyes gaze over this.
photo by Susan, summer 2016

Seeing Los Lobos, again in concert this summer was fabulous, but they did not play this song. For Bob here is his favorite Los Lobos song and this, too, is an open highway driving song for both of us —

Flowers for Bob from our garden
photo by Susan, summer 2016

How can you not resist The Beatles for a birthday song, and may there continue to be more days in the week such as this, with all love —

love, Susan, 5 August 2016


Luster said...

Dear Bob,

Desire is playing as I write this and I've just spent the afternoon with you know who. So happy to wish you the happy birthday I know you already have. What a gift your life is, to you, to those of us around you.

stay close,

your brother

Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...

Ever thanks, Mike, and to all who posted B'day greetings. It means a great deal.

As you know, I was kidnapped all day by a certain someone. It began at 5AM when neither of us could wait any longer and got back on the trail in search of truck keys I lost the day before. We backtracked through woods and fields and came right to the spot, on its hind-legs (the keys) down in the wet grass at 7AM there they were, waiting for us. Snatched them up! Day began! It only took us traveling 50 miles backwards but we landed right.

all's well, Bob