Sunday, January 8, 2017


[ b. June 10, 1925 Boston ~ 7 January 2017 ]

I worked six straight hours last night on the Birdhouse for the Inauguration. I take that day very seriously. And then when I was done at midnight I read one of my all time heroes, Nat Hentoff has died. I’ve been waiting; all my life reading and being educated by the man, who grew up with Cid (Corman) in Boston. Friends. Worked on the same radio. Amazing individuals, and of course the New York Times could barely rise to the occasion for a deserving obituary. They fawn over David Bowie, whereas Hentoff, a grand New Yorker, was a master in all political, social and artistic forums. Legion. This weakening of the grasp, everywhere, is what swung a Dump (Trump) into existence and play. We’ve lost the masterworks. Many, each week, all heading to the pearly gates.  The last of the classical  up-bringing are leaving us. We’ll be left with cyber learners. Quick heat bores.

[ BA ]

photograph ~ Clyde Haberman Marilynn K. Yee/The New York Times

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