Saturday, February 4, 2017


The Cheviot Hills home where Ray Bradbury lived for 50 years was demolished. Here are some before and after images.

Woman diners either side of us at a Mexican restaurant fast good food slap and dash-it-up sit there solo with a fork in their one hand, the smart phone in the other, constant company. The versatility of one hand holding (clapping?) the roll of the thumb moving a screen 
in what Ray Bradbury correctly predicted 60 years ago. 

I meant to put up on the BH a photograph of his modest home in Los Angeles before the city bulldozed it down. 

Who knows for what reason?  "It was banal" so says one!

A hex? 

Pleasant looking yellow canary settles onto a palm frond home. 

Gotta go!

 Bradbury one of the marvels who foresaw our authoritarian and screen nightmare culture.