Monday, June 5, 2017


O Navigator

I’m an innocent bystander —

it’s my lover who hikes

up river for mail and some-

times meets curious things

along the way, like the fellow

in the car just now, after the

flood in this valley, who needs

to get to “west layden road” — my

lover corrects him, “you mean west

leyden road?” “ yes”, he says, then adds

“my navigator says it’s this way”

pointing to his dashboard, then southward

“but there isn’t any road this way since the flood”

she points south

“but my navigator says it is this way

he points south

she kindly continues, “it is this way”

pointing south

“but the road’s gone

still pointing

inch by inch

pointing someone

back to earth


It's a little secret

that I'll tell you

and only my lover

knows and she’s quiet

as sunshine on the

leaves, and it's all

about our little kitten

once upon a time and 

how much it delighted 

her that when I went to

bed far later than she did

I would always turn to the

kitten who would be awake

and active, even at midnight,

and say nite~nite to him be-

fore I climbed the stairs to

join my lover warm in bed —

yes, I admit, it is a beautiful

life I have, and now that the 

kitten is a cat my love asks and 

really wants to know do I still 

say nite~nite before I go to bed

to the grown cat who could

pretty much care less —

I do

The Back Back Road

A guy

I've known

the longest

around here

just went

by on his


cowboy hat

boots and

oxygen tanks


on his

lap, heavy

smoker is



Bob Arnold

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