Friday, July 14, 2017


Counterpoint, 2017


This is about as good as it gets for us awaiting more word from
someone, anyone, on the life, pathways, and Old Coyote
wisdom of Jaime De Angulo — his mysterious and sure
linguistic and ethnographic work — and be assured that
eastern native but gone to the west coast for very good reason
Andrew Schelling would be the one to draw up buckets and buckets 
of well-stitched history and folklore for a marvelous telling
of De Angulo biography 
(Andrew insists it isn't, but it is, or the best we have at the moment)
Big Sur rugged characters, San Francisco poets who visited
(and learned something)
Native American lore, and just what happens when one
is this independent in the churning American machine age

[ BA ]

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Anonymous said...

Hello from Sweden.

Just got this book in the mail. Impossible not to be drawn in after reading Indians in Overalls and Home Among the Swinging Stars.