Saturday, March 24, 2018


No more excuses 
that you have nothing 
to share 
with your children 
or grandchildren. 
Start here~

Indian Tales by Jaime de Angulo
Tales of the Pit River Indians as recounted by anthropologist Jaime de Angulo for KPFA in 1949. Re-edited and produced by Gui de Angulo in 1991.


Luster said...


I've long loved de Angulo's voice on the page, but have never heard it until just now. Irma Thomas's I know well but remember to listen not near enough.

stay close,


Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...

Hi, Mike,

Yes, Irma Thomas may as well have been Jaime de Angulo the last time I saw and heard her speak — during Katrina in New Orleans — upset by the lack of care given to the drowning city by the authorities and making everyone well aware of the ecology of the city and the song within. She has a thousand stories. And songs.

Of course, the same with de Angulo and these tapes are a marvel, a marvelous, a miracle. Once he grabs you, you won't let go!

By the way, a hardcover of The Indian Tales I think should look just about the way I showcase a copy here. It's been around, handled, pawed, swept up with the floor.

Light snowfall overnight. March also hangs on
all's well, Bob