Thursday, June 7, 2018


Liveright 2012

There have been many earlier editions (first published in 1975).
This is the latest from the USA to align with the motion picture.
It's timely.


jadecar said...

Thank-you Bob

For posting this J.G. Ballard review.

I can't get enough of him, but now have to reread the three earlier novels leading up to High Rise. Yikes.
And why OH why didnt I buy his Collected Stories last weekend whilst in NoHo at The Raven.
It all started with New Worlds and Dangerous Visions anthologies when I was a teenager with the New Wave, but you know all this already, Bob, so I won't go on..
But Ballard, Moorcock, James Sallis, Chip Delaney, et al keep coming back, no, never left, just got bigger and better and now the film of High Rise looming ever closer. But will there be an Amirican release?

And FYI, Dale Smith did a great talk last night at the Gloicester Writer's Center on his editing of the Olson/Duncan correpsondence and the collected Duncan lectures on Olson. You wd've dug it, Bob.

All best,

Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...

Hello John!

Long time, no hear, but it seems you stick to the Birdhouse somewhat regularly.

Ballard: the big collected was done perfectly: mammoth, and not even bettered when it went into softcover — just stick to the goodness and look of the both edition. Mammoth. The way these soothsayers worked it and wrote it, encompassing. The field. And then Ballard would pull off a lean and crisp High Rise, and a Crash with all the elegance of an archer and the target. We will want to read his correspondence.

Dale is always at work and invaluable. It's only fitting he came to Gloucester, Dogtown, the home of the master player. I would have joined you for that one.

all's well, Bob