Sunday, October 28, 2012

(Ursula correction)

Once In Vermont films © bob arnold


Anonymous said...

The Chalkie Elf strikes at night!

Cheers, Edie

Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...

Edie, it dawned on me when climbing Sugarloaf Mountain with Susan yesterday afternoon that poor Ursula had been mishandled on the chalkboard. What to do? We had many more sporting errands to get after before we would be home. We use no cell phone to call one of the elves back at home, and in fact there were no elves back at home — the "elves" were all with us! Onward we climbed. Errands were matched. We arrived back to the woods river abode, saw your house lamps dim through the trees as we passed, and already I had decided the Chalkie Elf could certainly stroll out there by lamplight and repair Ursula who always deserves better and better. So it was done.

A vowel
all's well, Bob