Sunday, October 28, 2012


I know, I'm with you, we're all sick to death of politics. They say, at this juncture in the Presidential campaign, it would take 80 days of straight viewing (the ever present "24-7") to consume all the ads for this campaign via television and radio from just the state of Ohio. Or maybe it was by television alone? Who. Cares. Although I do feel for those in Ohio. Vermont was the first state, I believe, to announce itself in the 2008 Presidential election as a winner that night for Barack Obama. You can do it, too, Ohio.

To cut to the chase: the far Right wishes to take over the country and have a CEO run the show as figurehead as they do damage behind the scenes, our backs, when we're asleep. Someone has to rest. Stay strong. Make sense. Don't give me the Left's Progressive party either and their insistence on alternative candidates. There is no alternative at this point between heaven and hell. Pick one.

These new Republicans will do serious damage to women's rights, children's care, education, the arts, our health, the Supreme Court, and of course the environment. They plan to boost the economy never realizing for a moment the only economy there is is the environment. It's the bank. Without a nourished and stable environment there is no economy. Money is worthless as the world gets overrun, burns and floods. Hunger hasn't been felt until you can't grow crops and plant life, feel yourself exist within an environment that is spacious and redeeming.

It's mind-bending to travel the back country of far northern New England. Talk about space. Out where it's now littered with junked machinery and scabbed together homes, always a dish satellite, a muddy yard, a stiff wind blown off some lake, bog, swamp, mountain top, and no hope whatsoever any CEO or far Rightwing fatcat working 100% for lobbyists, who are working for more executives, give two-shits about these folks scraping together $15,000 a year on whatever they can cob together with these broken machines, battered trucks, assembly line duties, and an ungodly perseverance to make-ends-meet. But they do. And they still don't get it when they pound a ROMNEY campaign sign down into their planet. May as well pound another nail into the coffin. Which is now our coffin.

Anyone but that black guy is the kindest thing you'll overhear when you wish to overhear. Somehow birds still sing, but there are some really angry sonsofbitches stalking around, driving the curved roads, making a slurred point it's the "black guy's" fault. These used to be the salt of the earth, the gritty practical heroes, the tools kept balanced and sharp handed down generation after generation. They'd never listen after one minute watching a fool talk out of three sides of his mouth as a majority of the Right now practices. But they speak White, O Civilwarnation.

In a whole wide world that is barely White (25%).

It's not Obama, or Romney — it's the People, and how they vote, or don't vote, that will set our course.

But, and plan on it, somewhere, some historian is already starting research on a large book about Barack Obama. It will be titled "The Debate" (#1).

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