Thursday, May 30, 2013


Here are a few photographs from just a few days ago in the northeast as today's weather and tomorrow and the next plan to sky rocket into the 90s ~

Heading up Mt. Greylock (Adams, Mass.)

Whiteface Mountain, NY State, two-feet

In the region, 18 inches

We started our woodstove burning early last October 2012 and lit one match and that fire hasn't gone out until this morning (we think). The longest continuous wood fire we've ever had in five decades of heating our home with wood.

See you at the swimming hole.

snow photos: @massEMA / @tristateweather


tom said...

I know what you mean. Your storm missed us, but we still have snow in the woods and patches on the ski hill. I know Keweenaw County was over 310 inches this winter. I am hoping I can put the tomatoes in the garden this weekend.

late spring rain
and still the snow lingers
beneath the pines

Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...

I hear you Tom, and glad to have word, and the fine poem.

Our last snow left as it often does right on cue for May Day — that's the snow at the back door that lingers in the north side shade. No snow since, but we have had hail and we'll have hail again.

Now to that swimming hole. I'm actually thinking tomorrow.

Lettuce, spinach, mustard, scallions, green onions are all up.
Good luck with those tomatoes
all's well, Bob