Thursday, November 7, 2013


Poems by the ancients, translations, world wide poets, many famous, beautifully stylized and form-fitted to the page
 from WH Auden in modern times to Louis Zukofsky
 plus ~
Gary Hotham, Ce Rosenow, John Phillips, Bill Knott, Ted Kooser, Ann Deagon, Jeffery Beam, John Brandi, Kathryn Stripling Byer, Ciaran Carson,  Jim Clark, Thomas A. Clark, Cid Corman, J.V. Cunningham, Bill Deemer, Claudia Emerson, Robert Francis, Jack Gilbert, Jonathan Greene, Sam Hamill, Stephen Holt, Joseph Hutchison, Thomas Johnson, William Kloefkorn, George Ella Lyon, Jeff Daniel Marion, John Martone, Michael McFee, Thomas McGrath, Paula Meehan, Samuel Menashe, Ruth Moose, John Montague, Robert Morgan, Adam Morton, Lisel Mueller, Les Murray, Mike O' Connor, Alexis Rotella, R.M. Ryan, Steve Sanfield, Norman Schaffer,  Jack Sharpless, Paul Curry Steele, James Still, Joseph Stroud, Richard Taylor, William Thompson, Charles Tomlinson, James L. Weil, Robert West,  Jonathan Williams, Miller Williams, Joe Zaratonello, Isabel Zuber, Fred Chappell, Bob Arnold, William Harmon, Albert Goldbarth, George Garrett, Louis Bourgeois, R.L. Barth, Max Albern.

Since the majority of anthologies are devoted to strictly name poets, or those-in-the-know at the moment, I thought I'd skip the many known poets as I one-finger-type-out each 'other name' poet with my right hand as the left hand holds the book open. There is no table of contents. There is a well thought out balance in the book between renown and elsewhere.

However, if a poem is good, resonates, nourishes, it is all by itself renown.

The Broadstone Anthology of Short Poems
edited by Jonathan Greene & Robert West

Broadstone Books
418 Ann Street
Frankfort, Kentucky


I never lust

after a man

as much as

before one.



sitting here

without the mountains



All night, this soft rain from the distant past.

No wonder I sometimes waken as a child.


Joseph Hutchison said...

My contributor's copies came in the mail yesterday, and oh my—what are the odds that an off-the-main-map poet like me would find himself among such company? Somewhere between Anonymous and Zukofsky, within hailing distance of Archilochus, Arnold, Bunting, Heaney, Kinnell, Niedecker, Rosenow, Villon, three Williamses (Jonathan, Miller, and William Carlos), and yes, Willie Yeats. This gave me a strange sense of elation, enhanced by the beauty of the physical book itself. What a pleasure!

Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...

I'm with you, Joe — and I like you in this nest.

all's well, Bob

Bill Knott said...

I hope your inclusion of my name in that list is a mistake, because if it isn't, that means the editors have reprinted my work without bothering to request permission from me . . . can't they at least have the courtesy to ASK me to be in their anthology BEFORE they stick me in it?

Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...

BK —

Kindly don't kill the messenger — simply follow through — I've provided the publisher's address for purchase, or any such query.

Personally, I like seeing you in there
all's well, B