Tuesday, January 28, 2014


My job
 is to show folks
 there’s a lot of good music
 in this world,
 and if used right
 it may help to save
 the planet.

P  E  T  E      S  E  E  G  E  R

Photo: Bruce Davidson/Magnum


Luster said...


Henry Thoreau, Pete Seeger, Sister Megan Rice: the good grease this world needs. Pete's music and example shaped my life. One of my proudest moments was having him review positively a record I had produced and later getting to meet him. Just recorded a radio program in his memory, He's irreplaceable as we find ourselves neck deep in the Big Muddy.

stay close,


Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...

Well said, Mike.

I'm sure you remember, or maybe were there!? at any one of Pete Seeger's concerts where he made sure the tickets were one dollar, and $1 only. Whadda guy.

Our generation can talk aloud or in print until we are blue in the face at the greatness of the 60s — roughly 1964 to 1974 if we want to get precise on the aura — and who we had as 'leaders'— and they weren't Johnson or certainly Nixon and not even the Kennedys — but the Pete, the Bob, the Dorothy, the Malcolm, the Martin, the Jimi.

So, where have all the flowers gone? Into your heart, if you did it right.

all's well Pete, Mike,

Anonymous said...

and there were the radical feminists, writers and poets, like Adrienne Rich, James Scully, Kate Millett, Ti-Grace Atkinson, Angela Davis . . . , my 2¢, guys, with love, Donna

Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...

In the right hands, Donna, it is endless

stay warm, B.