Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Harvard University Press

After reading over a half century all of HDT's books many times over, the essays pro and against the man — some written by bitter men — all the biographies and studies: traipsing through Harding, reading with Christie, serious with Clavell, the deep portrait by Richardson, the companionship from Channing, the sober facts said by Emerson, reading Thoreau's journals front to back first in the Dover edition (two firewood heavy volumes, at age 15), then the revamping publications coming from Yale and Princeton, everything annotated up the ying-yang; here we have Thorson's book, as if Humboldt himself came back to say one last, sustaining word. This is the one to read, the one to own, the one to wet your pants over. And it will. Pond water.

[ BA ]

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