Thursday, November 13, 2014


Much Loved
photographs by Mark Nixon
Abrams, 2013

you probably owned one, once upon a time . . . 


awyn said...

"you probably owned one, once upon a time . . . "

His name was Bobo. He was a clown. He's lost his costume, a nose and an arm. A rag doll that is now more rag than doll. Still with us (I took over ownership from my son). Couldn't bring myself to let go the memories, that he reminds me of everytime I see his goofy face. Is Mark Nixon's book for sale at the Longhouse? :)

Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...

Hi Annie,

I believe the names given are at least as sweet and endearing as the figures themselves.

I seem to recall taking my bear, and I don't recall a name but I'm sure there was one, with me to the hospital at age 4 for removal of tonsils. Bear in my arms at all times.

My reading of Mark Nixon's book was a borrowed copy. One more hand-me-down.

all's well, Bob