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        Recorded & Edited by Harry Smith

        Anadarko, Oklahoma

Friday, April 12, 2024



A R T    N E W S

       The Art Institute of Chicago


Thursday, April 11, 2024



Occasionally the Field of Possibilities


Is branch-spined,

a folded-leaf feeder,

a spatial array

of buckeye larvae,

snapdragons pulling

a pollinator-cue,

orange prolegs

telegraphing mirror-

image eyespots,

a macula lutea sun.


Is disruptive coloration,

yellow concentric rings

around a single eye,

a fovea centralis

of seed cones & pollen cones,

closely packed juniper seeds,

a Polyphemus moth with

urticating bristles & needles

with fine stomata lines, a nexus

of cone axis & host pine.


Is a field of 30,000 ommatidia,

a composite eye

eyeing woodruff & pale persicaria,

ten conspicuous eyespots

bisecting summer & pupation,

the line severing dusk & night,

the night flying hawkmoths,

is tapetal-mirrored,

a reflective tracheal network,

a superpositional glow.


Is a coevolved canopy

of wing scale & leaf,

a broadband acoustic cloak

deflecting echo & foe,

wavelengths of powder & light,

a cloud of stacked platelets,

a thin-film percussion,

hair-penciled & interlinear,

sparkling archaic sun moths,

a microlepidopterous register.


Is night-active & pupillary,

wing-fringe grazing cornea,

small moth repetitions

in an orbit of sequestration notes,

thick scale vestiture,

glassy, bluegrass-hosted,

rain-impermeable with snow-

veined forewings, a loop

of sequestration notes,

a small moth repetition.


Is a current of candles & dawn

half a clockface ago,

a Yablochkovian glow

of carbon-arcing waxwings,

match twigs, linstock boughs,

a sky of combustible fruit

tinders  river of ruined craters,

winter on its last legs,

a winter of monthlessness,

winter with plants in the belly.


Is a complicity

of ruckus & pinion,

is the pollen grain music

of a microstructure of modified hairs,

light-interfering wings,

sight-singing by structural coloration,

a scalic descent

down a microscopic edifice

of struts & holes, wings close

& the moth composes.


The Principle of Rapid Peering

Sylvia Legris

New Directions, 2024

Sylvia Legris lives in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Wednesday, April 10, 2024



Democracy Now!

April 9, 2024

Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Monday, April 8, 2024




Will we ever live on that star? — the thought

Itself has me reeling

But Moon, when you move through August's

Evening skies in enchanting silence, I salute you!

Also when you careen, like some dismasted ship,

Through heaving black breakers of cloud!

Oh to ascend, one of the lost, and slake

My thirst on your baptismal moonshine!

Stricken by blindness, your beacon is lethal

To Icarus-types, left stranded and grieving

Sterile suicide-eye-preside

Over convocations of the world-weary.

Ice-cold skull, heap ridicule on our bald

and terminally ill bureaucracies.

O pill of ultimate fatigue, infuse

Yourself into our stubborn brains.

And chlamys-clad Diana, fermenting

Love unleashes barbs from your quiver

Which infect — ah! — the wingless, the hearts of those

Who would do good  on earth!

Star prone to unheard floods, I pray

That one of your chaste, and anti-febrile rays veers, tonight,

In my direction, drenches my sheets, drives

Me to wash my hands of life!


Lunar Solo, selected poems

Jules LaForgue

translated by Mark Ford

The Song Cave, 2023

Friday, April 5, 2024



"Candy Darling on her Deathbed" 

Peter Hujar

R E A D    M E

Farrar Straus & Giroux


Thursday, April 4, 2024


Mr. Sinclair was greeted by his wife, Leni, when he was released from prison in December 1971.Credit...Andrew Sacks/SaxPix

J O H N    S I N C L A I R

1941 ~ 2024

TOMAS TRANSTROMER, "April and Silence" ~


April and Silence

Spring lies forsaken.

The velvet-dark ditch

crawls by my side

without refections.

The only thing that shines

are yellow flowers.

I am cradled in my shadow

like a violin

in its black case.

The only thing I want to say

glimmers out of reach

like the silver

at the pawnbroker's.


The Sorrow Gondola

Tomas Transtromer

Tuesday, April 2, 2024


a selection 


O the purity

of the aloneness

of pulling off socks

Dark kitchen

but the lights of

a distant bridge

An old woman

breaking teeth

off a comb

Ignorant of their own souls

monkeys swinging

between temples

Possibly the

largest shell on the beach

and it looks like a shoe

Being sad

and pissing

at the same time

During lunch

stories about



dying flowers glow

the moon's best intentions

Dusting a mirror

she takes a moment

to check her eyebrows

Small bronze head with big nose

holding down

take-out menus

Garden diary

all that's left

of the garden

Such an elegant rainfall

even the dog refuses

to shake it off

Cold summer rain

piercing my shirt

slipping between ribs

A small grave of sorrows

on one branch

in one bird


Ronald Baatz

A Dream in the Cream

Black Fig Press, 2021

Monday, April 1, 2024




 November 30, 1937 ~ March 21, 2024

NOVEMBER 30, 1937 ~ MARCH 21, 2024No

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