Thursday, May 25, 2017


Trump's Message in the guest book
for the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial


A poet and essayist who may be a finer essayist since
he has poetry in his essays, and essays in his poetry.
He's a remarkable toss-up.

To my mind, this is an ideal collection on the true ground
of contemporary poetry — with the intriguing portraits
of poets, and likewise the general life of Kleinzahler who
shares the days and nights and life of a poet.

Check out the subjects; Thom Gunn, James Schuyler's Letters, 
Leonard Michaels (a poet in a fiction writer if there ever was one),
John Berryman, EE Cummings, Christopher Logue, James Merrill,
Kenneth Cox (the one and only), Roy Fisher, Lorine Niedecker,
Basil Bunting (are you catching your breath?), Christopher Middleton,
Louis Zukofsky, Richard Brautigan (a bit too nasty about RB), Allen
Ginsberg (with Peter Orlovsky barking against the door) Lucia Berlin
(more poetry in the fiction), and wonderful side road trips to Alaska,
old homestead Palisades New Jersey, AK's music gluttony 
(a romp to read).
Don't even think to hesitate. 

[ BA ]


August Kleinzahler
Sallies, Romps, Portraits, and Send-offs
Farrar 2017