Monday, January 6, 2020

YOKEL ( 13 ) ~

Cellar Job

All day I work with a crew of carpenters

When the crew goes home and I hang around

A crew of crickets appear

The Worse Thing About a Young Son

Your orderly

Toolbox will never

Be the same

One of the Best Things About a Young Son

That he cares

That you have a toolbox

In the first place


The biggest —

and I mean

biggest, burliest

worker on the crew

shirtless, hairy

shouldered, many 

rippled gut sun

bronzed in cut-

offs with a 

perfectly shaped

goat’s beard when 

lifting the heaviest 

metal salvage in the

heap of scrap gets

struck by two

yellowjackets is 

stopped on the spot


Teddy was this mostly all wild

Farm dog that used to be tied

Right outside the barn door and

All day Teddy would lay there.

You could look at him a million

Times and never quite get right

What breed of dog Teddy was.

Part this ‘n’ that, Native would say.

Huge head, long hair, big body and

Bear like dog. Just lay there.

Sometimes would eat on a deer skull,

Pig skull, something slaughtered skull.

Never seemed bothered when I pet him.

Eyes that seemed to have seen everything.

It was at night Native would unchain Teddy

And all through the woods he would roam.


As it


How fully

The grass

                    for Ian Hamilton Finlay

Bob Arnold