Friday, February 12, 2021



from Livingston Suite

Maybe I'm wrong. After years of practice

I learned to see as a bird but I refuse

to do it now, not wanting to find the body.

I traveled east to our cabin in Michigan

where I learned that my Zen master, Kobun

Chino Sensei, drowned in a cold lake trying to save

his three-year-old daughter who also drowned.

I make nothing of this but my mind suddenly

rises far upward and I see Kobun in his black

robes struggling in the water and he becomes

a drowning raven who then frees himself for flight,

his daughter on the lake's bottom rising to join him.

What could the vision mean but a gift? I said

maybe I'm wrong. The Resurrection is fatally correct.


Jim Harrison

Livingston Suite

Limberlost Press, 2005