Saturday, August 2, 2014


H A R R Y    C A L L A H A N

'Of all the notable photographers of the twentieth century, surely Harry Callahan is the coolest.' 

—John Szarkowski, former director of photography at New York's Museum of Modern Art

"Harry Callahan (1912–1999) is regarded as one of the most innovative and influential twentieth-century American photographers. By amplifying the abstract tendencies of New Vision in a lyrical mode evincing great sensitivity, he was able to overcome the prevailing realist aesthetic in American photography. This catalog presents the entire spectrum of Callahan's multifaceted photographic oeuvre, the product of tireless and prolific creative labors over the course of nearly sixty years."

Harry Callahan
edited by Dirk Luckow and Sabine Schnakenberg
Kehrek/Berlin, 2013

"I'll photograph my way out."
H A R R Y   C A L L A H A N