Monday, September 22, 2014


Victor Maymudes

Victor Maymudes, Bob Dylan's road manager, with a mandala, a symbol of life, Monterey International Pop Festival, 1967. Maymudes carried this mandala made from burnt doll parts to protest the U.S. dropping of napalm in Vietnam.

While awaiting Bob Dylan's next volume of his memoirs Chronicles (Simon &Schuster) 
there is Another Side of Bob Dylan by Victor Maymudes & Jacob Maymudes (St.Martin's 2014)
which may be read, or should, side by side with the Dylan memoir.

 Victor Maymudes remains one of the mysterious figures from the Sixties — Bob Dylan's right hand man, side kick, road manager — with even greater significance and qualities of the man threaded in his tale, drawn from 24 hours of tapes left by Maymudes at his passing in 2001 that his son Jacob has transcribed and creatively annotated.

A Not To Be Missed.

Victor Maymudes photo: Lisa Law
Book cover photo : Daniel Kramer
to this day Kramer may have captured
Dylan at his most revealing
and developing moment;
Lisa Law's photographs from the 60s
along with Danny Lyons
remain two of the finest.