Monday, April 24, 2017


Library In The Woods 

1000s  & 1000s  & 1000s  & 1000s of books

Neat in rows room to room, floor to floor

Sometimes the mice

Run over the tops

My Beautiful Know-It-All

Before the robins could tell me

My lover told me —

“The robins are back”


I just moved a curled up

woolly caterpillar from this

year’s woodpile into next year’s

10 Days Worth Of Amox~Clav

My cat can’t figure out why I’ve been sick so long

I see it in his face, eyes blinking, pinkest nose

my friends don’t know what to say after awhile

they figure it’s better to just go quiet

and so I go quiet

next subject will be politics

my lover is most concerned but sees me coming

to make love and says with a grin, “you’re better”

my mother, who shouldn’t come into this poem after

I make love but there she is, asks, “so what’s the

matter?” like it’s my fault

and maybe it is


Bob Arnold