Saturday, November 24, 2012


Riding the Peace Train by Utah Phillips on Grooveshark


some songs opened, some didn't, ah well, enjoy the ride as far as it goes


The Brave Engineer by Cisco Houston on Grooveshark

Waiting For A Train by Boz Scaggs on Grooveshark

Ramblin Man by Hank Williams on Grooveshark

Freight Train Boogie by Delmore Brothers on Grooveshark

14 - Narration #3 by Merle Haggard on Grooveshark

Hobo Bill's Last Ride by Jimmie Rodgers on Grooveshark

Choo Choo Ch'boogie by Louis Jordan on Grooveshark

Cross Tie Walker by Creedence Clearwater Revival on Grooveshark

The Cannonball by The Carter Family on Grooveshark

Golden Rocket by Hank Snow on Grooveshark

Orange Blossom Special by Bill Monroe on Grooveshark

I've Been Working On The Railroad by Johnny Cash on Grooveshark

Brownie Mcghee - Freight Train Blues by VA: Classic Railroad Songs on Grooveshark

Downbound Train by Chuck Berry on Grooveshark

That Train Don't Stop Here by Los Lobos on Grooveshark

Hobo, You Can't Ride This Train by Louis Armstrong on Grooveshark

flyin' shoes by Townes Van Zandt on Grooveshark

Better Get Ready by Elder Roma Wilson & Family on Grooveshark

1. Back of train (photo : Luis Beltran)
2. Nebraska Morning Train ( photo : Pat Barry)
3. Train Shed (Pat Barry)
4. Daylight and the Joshua Tree (Pat Barry)
5. Climax in Pushing Service (Pat Barry)
6. On the V&T (Pat Barry)
7. Down the Rathole (Pat Barry)
8. Along the Soo Line (Pat Barry)
9. Canadian Pacific Railway, 1960 (David Plowden)
locomotive no. 2412
10. A westbound, steam-powered freight train on the Santa Fe Railway framed by the front window of an early diesel locomotive at Matfield Green, Kansas, circa 1940.
Photograph by John Walker Barriger III. Courtesy of the John W. Barriger III National Railroad Library, St. Louis Mercantile Library, University of Missouri, St. Louis.
11. Santa Fe #19L, leading the Super Chief, smashing through a concrete barrier at Los Angeles Union Station in January, 1948. (photo : unknown)
12. Buster Keaton from The General
13. "Toward Los Angeles, California," 1937 (photo : Dorothea Lange)
14. Neal Cassady (right) in uniform employed with Southern Pacific Railroad
15. (photo : Colin E. Braley)
16. Steam Train (Pat Barry)
17. "Rock Island" (Photo : unknown)
18. Slumper Winter Time (Pat Barry)
19. New York Central bullet train (photo : unknown)

~ Bob Arnold,  American Train Letters
(Coyote Books, 1995)

  (Longhouse, 1984)

(Coyote Books, 1987)