Wednesday, February 28, 2018


City Lights

The Cherry-Blossom Proof

The Milky Way is shrinking,

So the cherry blossoms are growing

Larger. You send me longish letters.

Therefore, God exists.

In the Other Pocket Dust

Sisyphus had a bad back.

Why? Well, I get up in the morning

And my wife wants me to carry

A big blue bag of garbage

To my son now

Sleeping in a studio in N.Y. Five flights he will not carry.

Oh I say I'm not supposed to carry

More than five pounds of garbage

And she crosses the border with it

There was a dead body like little Pedro rolled down the

Hill by Bunuel and not the long kiss

Of L'age d'or but the dog and dog-dream

In Los Olivados. How do you abandon dirt?

The blue bag also rolls down by itself, full of Pedro

Something little Pedro always wanted to do

It's a cold day. Man is garbage.

Sisyphus has a bad back.

Dirty Pond

       What is music

    We wander through the park until we reach green dirty


    You buy earrings

You lean you hair over our son

and kiss him until he cries



David Shapiro
City Lights Books