Monday, October 9, 2017


Life In The Woods

It is this lemony light

Washed under pines in the grove

Smaller birches and maples and beech

That takes my breath away —

I’m only sorry you aren’t with me

Your own yellow hair

The packs we carry empty for

Firewood brought down later

From the hillside, heavy & full —

I’m lugging your share today and missing you

Tonight we will meet at a table made of

Soup and low lamps and all the day’s news

Come back and fill up these rooms

I Like

I like taking

my boots off

in the summer

then crossing

my legs


and I like it 

even more

when her




The Writing Life

We will go to town together

We will then send the mail and wash rugs

We will first make love but are too busy kidding each other

We will hold one another in the kitchen

We will decide that you will go to town

We will decide that I will stay home and write

We will separate with difficulty

We will know that I am home writing but really waiting for you

Not Just Married

Just having you

On the job holding

Ropes, carrying

One end of the

Ladder, catching

Gloves I toss

Down from the

Roof is more

Than enough

Since we can

Kiss whenever

We want you’d

Have to agree


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