Monday, July 1, 2019


Carson came out the other day with our little Strawberry Girls (who were given strawberries for breakfast out under the umbrella of the picnic table along with french toast, scrambled eggs, juices, many fruits, all Susan prepared). I sit there at the table and it dawns on me each time that the table is much older than me, was my parents, thousands of parties and meals and sit-downs at that table, and it is redwood. Carson and the girls then went along with us to look at all the new buildings, including the newest, which already has the front porch complete and not a window yet in the place, but I wanted a quickly finished front porch to sit there every day and enjoy the view over the pond, the yard, the views everywhere, it has a height.

We then took them to the new fox den under the Faraway Cottage — a building I built with Carson 20 years ago, and now a family of many red fox glow under the building, doing what little harm. They have shelter. A photo below. I believe that is the male of the pups, fearless. Yawns at me like the buddha when I come over to have a look.

Finally the sounds of summer have come here, and the look of the lighting. It’s taken a long time for winter to leave. We had eight months of one continuous fire in the Jotul woodstove.
                                                                                                                   May '19


I am building a new woods cottage on rock ledge — purposely difficult and daring — why else build at my age after having built everything I have ever wanted to build: tract houses when very young; surburban slap-dash one floor homes, each alike; a stone building, cabins, my own home, a friend's home, another friend's home, many cottages, and now this latest one of logs, lumber and many windows, and more stone. I will begin to show a digital book of all the building's progress in some manner and form on the Birdhouse forthcoming. First build, then make the book.

                                                                                 —1 July '19


Lil' Fox

          more to come. . .