Thursday, December 31, 2020



J E A N     V A L E N T I N E

1934 ~ 2020






Silent in the woods where snow is falling

Silent in their hoods where snow is falling



And lovely snow

White and falling

Under the needled wing snow is falling

Fluffy white oh fluffy flight

In and out the wind night

Came snow and they

And the trees and the rocks

And the houses and the lights

Came snow and they

Through the woods

And light

And through the woods

And red children faces

And winter apples

And light and night.

and snow


Ceremonies in Bachelor Space

Russell Edson

Tough Poets Press

Who in the hell is Tough Poets Press?

Who knows. I saw a listing for the book

and liked that it was Edson, one of his books 

I didn't know, hadn't read, and the title and the

book design had Edson written all over it, and now

I see it was Edson's first book, published by

Black Mountain College, of all places, in 1951.

For some reason, and again holding to the Edson

aura, the contents of the book are in public domain

due to non-renewal of its original copyright, and so

the sharp-eyes in Arlington, Massachusetts at Tough

Poets Press, with the help of many (they list all the names)

on 49 Churchill Avenue, came through and published this book.

I'm very glad  they did. I have a sneaky feeling Tough Poets is

onto a very good thing, re-issuing the likes of Kirby Doyle, Gil

Orlovitz, Gregory Corso, Marvin Cohen, Johnny Stanton,

Donald Newlove — what could go wrong!  — Seymour Krim,

Dan Propper and Jack Micheline should be in the wings.

It seems the Edson is print-on-demand, so come one and

come all. NOTHING by Edson should be passed up.

I saw him read once in a cellar environment with

cellar people as his audience and it was beloved.

[ BA ]