Friday, August 19, 2016


Mekong I

River as sift
and sorter

Raw fruits and sell the wares
"Floating market"

Stone    pebble    sand
The silt and new islands

There were 9 months
9 dragons       but they change

as the letter is a triangle
She could be seen as

swan or generalized white
bird      Goddess that ate the earth

How to strand       become
mangroves    stranded

and braid your oiled hair

Vivid swoops that coil
a mouth and canal steered

Row from here to there

Birthday Poem

Illuminated behind a skin

a grey       the sky with fat

fast slants of snow

First Horse poet    This is a birthday

poem    squeaky underfoot

the snow and Jeannine's cookies

I drive husbands and fathers

to early deaths    Push the knife

into the cake to cut it

Me the supposed bringer of ruin

(money)    Covered in fondant and

violet flowers

It's my birthday    My eyes are older


Mouth       A pictured lip  

in a kiss      What it leaves


           Cloaking your mouth

with your hands to say

no more breathing you in

Gather the firm clever thing

from the moment looking away

and the weather quiet

with the turning book

Bark of the trees

you love     then leave


Live Oak



H O A     N G U Y E N

Violent Energy Ingots
Wave Books 2016