Monday, October 20, 2014


Merrill Gilfillan

Laurel Bloomery:
"The Past Is Distant"


The past is distant.

The redbird whistling in the distance

is the distance.

Middle March

Why would a meadowlark

     be singing

           on a deadbeat day like this?

Two Hawks

Two hawks

in honeyed circles interlocked

on the one thought.

Sweetgrass Hills

These Northern Lights

     so hard

          to read by.

Hare's Ear

That boy

     raised by meadowlarks

          talks funny.

Wind in the Trees

Wake up at two

wondering about the monkeys

in the dark zoo.

Autumn Sky

And now we know for certain

to be in two places at once

not nearly enough.


Born in Mount Gilead, Ohio in 1945 and today living in Colorado, Longhouse has published Merrill, and these chosen poems are a certain personal bias very late at night with a pencil flicking onto small poems read by one small light. It some times happens this way.

Let it be known there are many other poems in this book of flight, longer and prose poem and middle size, too. All sizes. Like shoes.

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Photographs by John Sarsgard


Red Mavis
Merrill Gilfillan
Flood Editions, 2014