Sunday, October 2, 2016




S O     L O N G  
   I T'S     B E E N     G O O D  
   T O     K N O W     Y O U


Dey St, 2016

"The full enormity of the situation was crashing down on the Stones finally. The rushed preparations for the show, the absence of a police presence or any sort of practical security for that matter, the low stage, the scorched earth from the campfires of burnt garbage, the bad drugs and strong wine, the physical harm to the members of other bands who'd played that day, and the very real danger that the [Hells] Angels posed —all of it seemed to converge in this moment of the [Hells] Angel grabbing the microphone. The audience and everyone around the stage had known for hours that Sam Cutler was not in charge of this show; now it was clear that the Rolling Stones were not in charge either."
(Joel Selvin, Altamont, page 208)