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BILL BATHURST ~ The Collected Poetry & Prose

Bill Bathurst, The Collected Poetry & Prose

 edited by Bob Arnold


Longhouse, 2022

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240 pages of poetry & prose
including Bill Bathurst's three out of print titles ~
For Julessa, Greystone Poems, How To Continue
plus uncollected poetry & prose

62 photographs & images

Introduction by Clifford Burke


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Time On My Hands

                                for Billie Holiday

As though abed in white satin

her wedding night with Prez

that never threatens dawn,

her voice from the Thirties

untouched by Death

the lone night through.

As though Lady,

filling in my silence

like Prez when her soul

caught its breath,

could ease me through the dark,

“I’m Pullin’ Through.”

As though that voice

would never trail off,

dawn never catch me,

like a shade flying up,

sandwiched between mirrors

taking a piss,

wide-eyed and hollow

cheeks needing a shave,

this image reflected &

diminished to a point

invisible with silence

she must have welcomed,

leather soles of police

on the waxen floor

of her hospital death room

heard inside her eyes

as gardenias of years gone by

crushed underfoot.

As though, then, this coda

could finally be left

unwritten: Sunday, lonely,

guest of a friend

gone to bed with his wife

pregnant again, restless

when I write this,

outside I’m spaced, the sun

at my armpit, encircled by

acres of broken land

flat as my prospects,

weeds & barbed wire running riot

like doubts in my head

make it hard to walk,

uncertain & shy, alone &

a long way from home.


                                                20 August 1967