Tuesday, January 19, 2021


We lost Mike O'Connor out in his naive land

of the Pacific Northwest — but then the Far East

could also be said to be Mike's native place as well —

sometime this month. I was just receiving the news

from a mutual friend who also sent to me this photograph

of Mike titled "Mike/Old Growth" when we got slammed

up and down in Vermont with a heavy wet snowfall and

all power went bye-bye for a day and night so there

was no access to nothing except the snowmelt pools

I found to fill us up 15 gallons of water for bathing and

dishes, something Mike would well understand.

Mike's book of poems The Rainshadow remains one

of my standby classics — built, indeed, out of old growth.

How do you not fall for a guy who looks

like this guy in this photograph? 

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