Monday, April 23, 2018






moss dark

hollow never

too wide so

we can leap

back &

forth I

like to see

your hair


through the



He Told Her I Was Very Sore

from pounding spikes upward

all day into old beams

and I am

out in the sun

resting flat on a pile of fresh planks I see

her come up through the woods trail to

massage my troubled shoulders

she is golden

green leaf top blouse

a very easy stride and gentleness

watching her come closer I am nearly healed

I See Forever

Although chilly

We were there at daylight

And walked from

Where you slipped off your shoes

Nothing but water — a salt air —

The toss of a hill

Where we sat, ladling these small stones

Even smaller

Which quickly filled the pockets of your dress

I Cut A Massive Maple Tree Down

I cut a massive maple tree down

Long long ago

I sculptured the tree stump into a chair

I sat up there

I also sat up there with my baby son

I sat up there with my love

I later saw my love sitting up there alone in the sun

She had a checkered red and black wool shirt

Thrown with the blondest hair

Then a chipmunk sat there for longer than you would think

And today I tore the carbonized tissue stump apart with my hands

All of it, very easily

And my son visited us with his wife for part of the afternoon

And in a week she was gone

I'm In Love With You
Who Is In Love With Me
Longhouse 2012