Thursday, May 10, 2012


This small palm-size book is about to leave our bookshop this morning ~ but before it does, I've sat out of the rain with it and much enjoyed its company. Here are a handful of poems.

The book is dedicated ~
For my mother and the memory of my father, who farmed as long as they could.

field of oat shocks,

my childhood hiding

under golden tents

a red rooster feather

in an old straw hat —

how that boy struts!

what a welcome sight —

tractor ruts in the barnyard

filling with rain

walking the fenceline —

a path of cow droppings leads

to the broken wire

unloading oats —

an old grasshopper jumps

-----out of my shovel

first ice rimming

the stock-tank,

the last bullhead belly-up

calf's tongue

stroking my hand

before the fire


from The Furrow's Edge
Farm Haiku
Edward J. Rielly
Juniper Press, 1987

Longhouse Bookstore: