Monday, December 26, 2016


Bob on Sugarloaf
winter 2016
photo by Susan Arnold


Long Time Together

4 dollars I paid

For this dark scarf

Of large red roses,

And love’s fortune

Is that I had you

There with me, out

On the sidewalk to

Fold it, and wear

Around your neck

From His Hand

From his hand

Awakening us

In bed, two small

Carrots brought

Out of the garden

Barely washed he

Wants us to bite

Down into what he

Terms a surprise

And we gamely do —

Watching his smile

At this given sweet —

Knowing five years ago

He was our surprise

Small Difference

We bought

a jackknife

for our son,

his first

I thought the

blade was sharp,

you liked the

pretty handle

Like Poem

He stands to mimic —

Young boy in

T-shirt & jeans

Arms out like

Balancing a high

Wire tipsy

& immediate


When we ask

To see it

Again it’s

Not even close

Two Spoons

It’s Valentine’s Day —

We are 22 years married

And share strawberry shortcake

At midday, the waitress saw

To bring two spoons

Our son comes home from

Fifth grade, says Kevin

Gave Angela a $30 bracelet

And she didn’t want it — all he can

Remember is most of the class cried all day

Break Away

Break away from the world

Even a loving child, friends

That travel long distances

To be with us; cross the

Shallow river to a bank of

Ferns, undress while wild

Chatter of the kingfisher

Hunts the long summer water

And years between us since

We’ve done this — naked but

For your necklace — under

Trees, evening in the leaves,

My arms circled around you


Bob Arnold
Once In Vermont