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George Carlin speech at the National Press Club (May 13, 1999)

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75. The Warmest Place

If spring falls short, then be the spring yourself —

you hold abundant light inside, enough to give warmth

to whatever's within reach and even what's in view:

chair midriff, door slab, icicle knob, room.

Who cares if the Baltic is frozen — a Swedish arctic fox

has found a way across the page of ice to write

a runic greeting on the snow in yellow ink

below the lamppost. The coldest place at home

is the radiator's hip, the thermal plant having closed

long ago, and it's pointless to pin your hopes

on spring. Besides you hold within yourself,

enough fire to make the covers melt right off

and thaw the district to a mile radius,

plus a fair depth, and four more dimension besides.

Just for good measure. For starters. Be springtime,

the grass' green flame, its blood, be April, be sun.

92. Never

Never have I found you more beautiful than now.

Look — we're being hunted, yet still we walk around.

In front of us a road in the dust, a lively sea.

A life that turned out as I dreamed it would be.


To the Letter

Tomasz Rozycki

translated from the Polish by Mira Rosenthal

Archipelago Books, 2023

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PULL MY DAISY (1959) ~


P U L L    M Y    D A I S Y

Jack Kerouac provided improvised narration. It features poets Allen GinsbergPeter Orlovsky and Gregory Corso, artists Larry Rivers and Alice Neel, musician David Amram, art dealer Richard BellamyDelphine Seyrig, dancer[3] Sally Gross, and Pablo Frank, Robert Frank's son.

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Wait til I pack my bag Death

my toothbrush soap after-shave and some clothes

Is the climate warm over there?

Do the seasons change in the eternal whiteness?

Or does the weather stay fixed in autumn or winter?

Will one book be enough to read in non-time?

Or should I take a library?

And what do they talk over there?

vernacular or classical?


from MURAL

translated by John Berger & Rema Hammami

Verso, 2024

Mahmoud Darwish was the unofficial laureate of Palestine.

Darwish's poetry is an epic effort to transform the lyrics

of loss into the indefinitely postponed drama of return


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H A R L E M    D E T E C T I V E S

Everyman's Library, 2024

(beautifully designed books —

paper, typeface, cloth feel, color)

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Praise Is Traditional and Appropriate

I loved the wood because I found in it

Mushrooms, berries, beetles, birds and other words,

Hedgehogs, squirrels, memories, quarrels,

        and the damp smell

Of dead leaves, and former lives.

            I reached the first barn

— where wheat was stored—halfway up the slope

            of the ravine

And saw her dancing, glancing twinkly eyes

Full of the hope and love which all thought mean,

And slate-green, slate-blue, blue or black like the sunrise

Skies, and in their variety and in their sheen

I thought that she was looking down at me

As if she understood past, present, and futurity.


The Collected Poems of Delmore Schwartz

edited by Ben Mazer

Farrar, Straus, Giroux, 2024

one of the posthumously published poems

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                                                                                         Daniel Kramer, via Staley-Wise Gallery, New York

D A N I E L    K R A M E R

  May 19, 1932 ~ 2024



                                                                                                         Ian Willms for The New York Times

A L I C E    M U N R O

   July 10,1931 ~ 2024



   M O R E

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Steve Albini, Influential Producer of ’90s Rock and Beyond, Dies at 61

A musician and audio engineer, he helped define the sound of alternative rock while becoming an outspoken critic of the music industry.

T H E   B E S T   T H I N G   Y O U ' L L   R E A D   T O D A Y 



D A V I D    S H A P I R O

A friend of Longhouse ~ 

goodbye David

I'll forever remember

the phone call

from New York City

where you spoke

lovingly — poetry

art, the countryside —


for an hour



D A N C E     M E

Verso, 2022

Friday, May 3, 2024



G E R R Y    L O O S E

S c o t l a n d

1948 ~ 2024

   our long time Longhouse friend

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R E A D    M E

Kent Monkman, “Les Castors Du Roi,” 2011. Collection of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. Image via the artist. Here, Monkman, a Cree artist in Dish With One Spoon Territory (Toronto), depicts a fanciful hunting scene in New France, as it might have been painted in the time of Louis XV, who was known for his love of hunting. “The violence perpetrated against the beaver,” Monkman writes of this painting, “can be interpreted in various ways, considering the violence present in New France between French, English and the First Peoples. More than a beaver hunt, this scene alludes to the complex political, social and cultural histories of Turtle Island.”