Monday, December 14, 2015


A homeowner looks at the view from the property owned by the Edge of U2. Environmental groups and residents of canyons and hillsides had lambasted the rock guitarist's original development proposal, saying it would cause irreparable harm to habitat and views. 
(photo ~ Anne Cusack / Los Angeles Times)


Aram and Gailyn Saroyan, St. Mark's Church, 1969
 Photo by Jayne Nodland

Friendly Persuasion

The body and the mind
Have a talk together

And the mind convinces the body
To go out with it on a date.

Soon afterwards
The mind calls the body up on the telephone

And says,
"Why don't you drop by?"

"When?" the body asks.
"How 'bout this afternoon."

In no time at all the mind and the body
Are doing steady.

Then they get married.
For a while they are very poor

And sometimes they have to go and stay at the body's folks' place
And then they have to stay at the mind's folks' place.

Neither one is a very good place to stay
They decide

And almost immediately they have a child.


A R A M     S A R O Y A N

from Cross-Strokes
Poetry between Los Angeles and San Francisco
edited by Neeli Cherkovski and Bill Mohr
Otis Books 
Seismicity Editions
The Graduate Writing program
Otis College of Art and Design