Monday, December 24, 2018


Don’t Ask Me Where

The day we took all the back roads for the first time

And ended on many of the roads with a road that

Dwindled down to next to nothing, first returning us

To a wilder state, then grass, then a dead end was the

Day we went places and couldn’t stop talking about it

They've Been Told

Whenever people come

traveling down our

winding woods

river back road

they've been told

to look for a

landmark —

“a red house”

not ours but

they stop at our

red house



and we get

to visit for

a moment with

people heading

somewhere else


the maze built for children

a week ago is gone, taken away

but the circular grass of their

padded footsteps is here

Truck Lights

Every night and never

dusk but pitch dark a

truck comes up our dirt

back road in slow low

gear and now with mud

season we can really hear

the truck grind and I know

it is the same truck by the

string of lights on top of

the cab and I’ve let it go

past minding my own

business until it started

going by once and then

it was twice and now it is

three times and even my

wife hears the truck plowing

by very slowly at 4AM when

she normally awakens and

starts to work, rebuilding a

wood fire, finding her socks

and now I see peering out the 

window as the truck passes

it may be a dump truck and

why is it going round and

round each time on the hour —

no one knows and we know no

one to ask — it’s all deep dark

woods where the truck comes

through — it’s become a world

all its own

Bob Arnold
Heaven Lake

Longhouse 2018