Monday, January 1, 2018



Darling Companion

We’ve come to the end of the highway

Breathless on the Panamint Range

You in a dress all blue buttoned

Down to the knees and a

Breeze parting your sweater —

I have a photograph where

You stand in sage against

A Route 395 road sign

Pointing us either north

Or south along a high

Spring snow Sierra sky with

No possible ending to the day

Yes I Can

We can’t afford

the quart of new

blueberries and

soft raspberries

but I can take

one of each off

the top and put

them in your mouth


I love her a bunch

but I love her maybe

the most when she

dances, and better

dances towards me,

with no one else

around or else our

minds would be on

something else, and

it’s in our living room

and some music comes 

on from the 60s and

she jumps up and with

no hesitation just starts

to dance, growing younger

by the second, and I can’t

tell if it’s music any longer

I’m feeling or is it her, the

hair, the eyes, the hands

beckoning me and only me

this is the wild of women —

if you’re stupid

you’ll continue to persist

in your thinking that man

is the king of the jungle


You can think there is

But there is nothing

Quite like you undressing

Me who has undressed you


I'm In Love With You
Who Is In Love With Me
Longhouse 2012