Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Hold onto your hat — Beach House — one more tribal collection of musicians: Robin Pecknold, Hamilton Leithauser, Victoria Legrand, Daniel Rossen and Jenn Wasner — have built themselves a short tribute tour to the late, great Gene Clark from his commercial flop solo album No Other (1974). The band with perform the album in its entirety. If you can't claw your way into one of the concerts, here's the original album, with a bunch of alternative takes and other prizes which isn't on my original and prized LP. We couldn't, but the young will make the album their masterpiece.


M   U   S   I   C   I   A   N   S
Gene Clark - guitar, vocals
    Chris Hillman - mandolin
    Jesse Ed Davis - guitar
    Stephen Bruton - guitar
    Bill Cuomo - organ
    Craig Doerge - keyboards
    Howard "Buzz" Feiten - guitar
    Danny Kortchmar - guitar
    Russ Kunkel - drums
    Joe Lala - percussion
    Ted Machell - cello
    Jerry McGee - guitar
    Lee Sklar - bass
    Butch Trucks - drums
    Michael Utley - keyboards
    Richard Greene, Beryl Marriott - violin
    Sherlie Matthews, Cindy Bullens, Ronnie Barron, Clydie King, Claudia Lennear, Venetta Fields, Timothy B. Schmit, Carlena Williams - background vocals

length: 43:01
Asylum Records, 1974
producer: Thomas Jefferson Kaye

above photo from the documentary film
The Byrd Who Flew Alone
directed by Jack Kendall, Paul Kendall