Monday, September 11, 2017


Susan,  Bob,   Jack,  VW beetle,  wheelbarrow,  home  (1980)


I'm In Love With You Who Is In Love With Me
for Susan & Carson

October ~ for Susan

It is a small bowl
You wash from
This early morning

Your hands just right
For its depth

Long Ago

That tiny toy instrument

Shaped like a French horn

Displayed with a dozen others 

We both gave it a squeeze —

But for some reason this

One sounded the best

With its familiar sound

More than a horn

And it took your breath away

And close to tears

At how its cry

Was like our geese

On a little farm

From long ago

Work Song

We carried the saw and ax to the top of the hill

Hop hornbeam logs waiting dry off the ground

I cut the logs into firewood size and split each one

You do the ground work, keep everything in order

We stack the splits into heavy canvas sacks

Carry it all down a trail under trees of meadowy leaves

I’m in love with you who is in love with me

The woodshed at home is filled to the brim

I’m in love with you who is in love with me

Finding Open Water

There are these things

That make lovely creatures

More lovely —

A red-tailed hawk sweeps

From one moment of the hillside

To another

Rising mist will not lose him

3 deer wade into the shoulder of a field

They feel safe in the holler of rain

Then you, rolling up your pants

Before a bicycle ride

Your hair just touching the ground

I tell you I will do something with that

Your smile makes the beginning of all this

What I Hear

This river water is

The warm breath of

Her whisper, what I hear —

The brown and white flurry

Of her thin clothing

The sweat of handwork

That musses the long

Blonde hair — dirt across

The forehead, may I wash

It off? thicken my hands

In that hair, kiss what I love

Away from our work and bathing

Part whisper and part water


I'm In Love With You
Who Is In Love With Me
Longhouse 2012