Thursday, October 9, 2014


Hoa Nguyen has it, the modern click, furthering what has been started by Notley, Mayer, Kyger.
 Hoa is the next step.
 She's amazingly ballsy in the right way on the page.
And with such immaculate swank and precision.
 Half the time not quite knowing exactly what she is doing, which is the best way, refreshingly, she is simply being.
 That's not exactly easy.

[ BA ]


Held by the roots       like the cilantro

beaten in my mortar

Make a chicken marinade and broil

Could pluck feathers after scalding?

O circled fucked-up change

which is the mother of us

and ethics       What of that

Chicken feathers

to grow your organic vegetables

The wild will root it out

The pigs dig them up               your roots

Lovely smiling pig to string up on a pole

Fatten you          o lovely

I am the omnipotent narrator noting

the age-wrinkles around his neck

The play we make in the snow in Colorado

a survivalist trick          A snow-made den

to live in           or wave your umbrella

from your stranded car

at the rescuing helicopter

I can't stomach all these circles

or my head noise

even cartoon songs

from animated Cat in the Hat

in the woods walking the woo woo

labyrinth       (alone)

I have fetal tissue in my brain


and Chinquapin Oak on my placenta in the rain

It hasn't rained like this

since they were born

meaning our boys

A woman is the person

the first person

like a chicken before an egg


Hoa Nguyen
Red Juice
Poems 1998-2008
Wave Books, 2014