Monday, May 28, 2018


It Is Now The Birds Settle

You would walk

Upstairs to our room

In the early evening

So warm

Undress, while looking to the woods

Lie down

Hours later

I would find you this way

Could Be

This has to be love —

she could be anywhere else

she could be under soft quilts asleep

she could be in a warm kitchen stirring

she could be in a playground watching what she loves

she could be in the garden dreaming

she could be walking the dog, petting the cat, singing with a bird

she could be by the ocean with all the day ahead

she could be in another's arms but no

she could be and is in my arms

beneath the driftwood of huge trees brought down with a flood

this little cave we've made under horizontal trees

it looks possibly dangerous and if it all collapsed

we would be crushed

and she has joined me there

while it rains

In A Cabin, In A Wood

It’s a good day —

my work boots are off

socks too

I have rolled up

5 inch cuffs

on my jeans

I’m in a short sleeve

green shirt

no belt

we cut the grass

now heavenly


my love is wild ex-

cept for the sun dress

she’s thrown on

waiting for a rain

that never does


we draw buckets of

water for new plants

from the farm pond


we cut crackles dry

in all this sun

let the satellites that

circle the earth

try to find this

I'm In Love With You
Who Is In Love With Me
Longhouse 2012