Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Once upon a time, between train rides, we caught this show in Chicago. I wouldn't find the catalog to the show until many years later, on the bottom of a slush pile, a little damp worn, all intact. I'm having a little trouble shooting this short film since I'm holding the camera in one hand and moving the book around with the other. The river is spring gorged and rainy outdoors rushing by. The very first time I saw an Albright painting was again passing through a northern town, maybe Hanover, New Hampshire that time, and the paintings were up on display and they were thickly gaudy wonders of immense power. Daring. Meant to be neglected. Coming forth after a long time of neglect. Albright could have been someone Rembrandt would have talked to. Here's a bit of his world passing by the camera.

once in vermont films 2014 © bob arnold