Friday, May 24, 2013


He Had 7 or 8 Horses
explaining a tornado


First he called it a monster

then a giant lawn mower

then a flying landfill


little kids come out of the

wreckage luckily alive with faces

that look again like the newborn



state troopers hats look nothing like those worn in Vermont

the Oklahoma hat looks like a hard

shelled insect



I break

when I hear the radio announcer's

voice break


the tornado is coming from across the earth —

you make a mistake wondering

what does it all mean?


we're becoming used to children dying

this should be given some thought. . .

and more thought



their last moment on earth

the children were seen

hugging a wall


he had 7 or 8 horses —

now he has 1 horse

and no shirt

they were bleeding and hurt teachers

carrying children out of the wreckage

holding them like parents



this is happening faraway —

yet on the only planet

with life

neighborhood after neighborhood

wiped away

back to earth

it all comes it all goes

but memories

are fixed




and bedrock —

the Indians knew to keep moving

for big & little

He Had 7 or 8 Horses

 explaining a tornado

 by © Bob Arnold
Longhouse ~ Vermont
May 2013