Monday, August 15, 2016


Purple Japanese Iris

Where you stand

They just about

Touch your lips

This Place In Every Life
for John Levy

A span of 20 feet —

Someone, but no

One’s around, once

Laid down these log

Poles and nailed the

Planks for what I balance

On and cross, and then

Turn and once again

Walk over, because I

Like the feeling, a

Mountain creek beneath

And leaves floating,

The range of light —

Now back across slowly

The last time

Finally into my direction

Been Gonna

To Everett everything

He had meant to do was

Termed “been gonna” —

So when you view his

Unfinished farm built on top

Of old farms of the

Past, including the burned

Down house his was above,

And the barn once torched,

Never mind the wrecked cars

Over the river bank and

Sculptures of rusted farm

Machinery pulled into one

Corner of the pasture, and

The sugarhouse built on a

Slipping log sill, and the

Barbed wire fence line

Fallen in the brook, you’re

Looking at a lot of been gonna.


Bob Arnold
Where Rivers Meet