Monday, December 12, 2016



I kid him

& he argues

with me which

turns me to

argue with

him as he

begins to

kid me

She Comes To Me This Way

In her stocking feet and the

Pleats of her skirt, the way

The blouse is plain and opened

At the sand of her throat and her

Face is burned with winter and

So happy, that it is only then I

Notice something more — a

Necklace of rawhide and soapstone

Pebble, and even closer, the etch of

Turquoise on the piece, which brings

Me to her eyes…

More Father & Son Quality Time

He found in the farmyard

   3 clean white pilgrim goose

Feathers freshly dropped

He picked up a stick

Made a blunt arrow

Strung a bow

He taped the feathers to the arrow

Filled the bow

Aimed it at me

Off To School

except for

his base-

ball hat I

could kiss

him easily

Darling Companion

We’ve come to the end of the highway

Breathless on the Panamint Range

You in a dress all blue buttoned

Down to the knees and a

Breeze parting your sweater —

I have a photograph where

You stand in sage against

A Route 395 road sign

Pointing us either north

Or south along a high

Spring snow Sierra sky and

No possible ending to the day


Bob Arnold

photo by Bob Arnold